Version 0.7.0

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Version 0.7.0

Post by stefano » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:44 am

Version 0.7.0 [ 2018-01-6 ]




KU features:
  • Update FFMpeg version and video player
  • Add mapping autosave feature
  • Add automatic failsafe boot feature:
    • Reboot after monitor/video projector change
    • Negotiate supported EDID during boot
    • Force user-defined EDID during boot on “force EDID” mode

KU Manager features:
  • Add force EDID button
  • Change EDID values display to actual EDID and user-defined EDID
  • Add user warning dialogs
  • Add file duration display
  • Add playlist duration display
  • Add a button to delete all the files from KU and from playlist
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts behavior when on mapping rotation

Known bugs:
  • Playlist next/previous actions may affect playback
  • Test pattern display may affect ongoing playback
  • Playback hangs on mpeg4 files with embedded multichannel (5+1) AC3 audio track
  • Upload tab affects GUI during upload procedure
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